Celebrating our heritage

The International Mother’s Language Day is celebrated worldwide annually on every February 21 . It’s a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate ethnicity amongst amongst Children.

Dolly Children Foundation (DCF) celebrated the event with three schools at Obafemi Owode Local Government Primary School (OOLG), Makogi, Ogun State, Nigeria. This event was initially meant only for our reading club but was converted to a whole school affair. This is the SECOND TIME in 63 years that 2 schools would visit this host primary school.

Obafemi Owode Local Government  Primary School (OOLG), Magboro (Ogun State), Obafemi Owode Local Government Primary School (OOLG), Makogi (Ogun State) and PTEM Schools, Oke – Afa, Magboro, (Ogun State) celebrated the event with variety of cultural presentations
The aim of this event was to promote peace and unity amongst pupils and to emphasize that no ethnic group is better than another.

Pupils were encouraged to appreciate the cultural diversity in Nigeria. Parents came with different native foods to grace the occasion.

The pupils showcased variety of cultural presentations – poem recitations, dance drama, songs in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba, (Atologwu & Bata dance inclusive).

The feedback received after this event has been incredible and overwhelming.

We are happy to break the record for the school the second time


It’s a new dawn

This is the post excerpt.

This is a new blog post for Dolly Children Foundation. We aim to inform our readers about our activities, projects and upcoming events. In the meantime, we would like to give a short brief on what the Foundation does.

Dolly Children Foundation (DCF) is an organization with the mission of improving the plight of the less privileged children in Nigeria through Education; emphasis on quality education for all.

We do this by providing a conducive environment for learning, empowering educators, empowering less privileged children.

Our main interventions are targeted towards eliminating child illiteracy in rural communities, reducing child labor, and abuse as well as absenteeism in public primary schools.

We endeavor to assist the Government make quality education available, and help drop – outs and street children take advantage of this opportunity.

Watch this space for more updates…..